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swallow my seed

Emma is a Chicago college girl who was on spring vacation and on the hunt for some cock! When she pulled out her puppies, I realized that some paws had already beat me there, but I didnt care because this slut was gonna swallow my seed

covered in my goo

Well, I was wondering what Elisas face would look like covered in my goo, but I didnt get a chance to find out. This eager 20 year old cum guzzler pumped me off right into her hot mouth, never missing a drop and swallowed it all down like it was a fine wine. Seems like Elisa has already been to cum slut school and passed with flying colors! Here she is guys, already trained, and Im sending her out into the world for you to enjoy!

dick sucking mouth

Have you ever seen such a sex kitten in the making? Eileen is only 19, but those bedroom eyes are just man killers! Too bad she lives so far away, because I would love to corrupt her! She said she swallowed, but her face was just too pretty to leave uncovered. I shot her once in the eye and once up the nose, then scraped the rest into her dick sucking mouth so she could remember the taste of me on her long drive home.

sucking another cock

I have seen many girls gag on a blast from the Creamer, and every single time, I just laugh. Take that you bitch! Thats for all the bad things you have done to all the men in your lives. From breaking hearts, running off with his best friends to stealing the money from his wallet. Fuck you, now gag on it! And now I bet Eden will never be suckered into sucking another cock again!

Swallow it bitch!

I wonder what percentage of women truely love, and I do mean LOVE to suck cock and swallow. Ive met a handful of chicks who really just love the have a hard cock in their mouth, and Echo was just that kind of girl. From CA, this girl really had no shame in telling me how many guys shes had nut in her mouth, but all I knew is that I was NEXT. Swallow it bitch!

head-banging days

I was actually reliving my head-banging days when I picked up my little Christmas nookie, I mean cookie, Dove. She was wearing a leather jacket with fringe! Hey, if Axl can make a come back, why cant I? I lured her home promising to tell her stories of how music was in the day, and then seduced her just like a roadie would with the promise of a backstage pass. Did I say backstage pass? I meant backstage ass, babe, so give it up!

she swallowed

Dillan Lauren was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and pay me a visit. She was excited about the new outfit she was sporting when she arrived, but it didnt stay on her very long! After playing with her beautiful titties, she got down to business and sucked me off. She had some trouble keeping my load in her mouth, but she swallowed what she could!

gooey white stuff

Diamond claimed to be mans best friend, but if she truly were, she would take a hot load of jizz with no problem. She likes to take matters into her own hands, but sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She seemed to really enjoy sucking my cock and was quite good at it, until the gooey white stuff came at which point she failed the test. Looks like you need summer school, Diamond!

complete creamy mess

When Destiny came over and saw me with the camera, she thought I was a little weird, but like most girls, a camera will make them do all kinds of crazy things. I had her naked within minutes, and after our hot conversation, she was more than ready to pleasure me. She put my cock in her mouth, and she got totally turned on, squirming around on the floor, moaning and panting. She kept saying that she wanted my cum, so I aimed for the gap in her front teeth and made a complete creamy mess of her face! Then I handed her a can of shaving cream and told her to shave that bush.

never swallowed cum

This sexy little blonde was so shy and so cute. Just barely 18, she admitted that she has lived a very sheltered life, but finally being legal was making her itch for more worldly experiences. She giggled nervously as she confessed that when we met, she was walking to the store to buy cigarettes. When I asked her about sex, she turned a very deep shade of red and began to twirl her hair like crazy. She said she had only given head a couple of times, but had definitely never swallowed cum. Well, my pretty, let your worldly experience begin at the tip of my cock.

without a single gag

Darby was wearing a cute little pink Playgirl outfit, but I bet she wasnt feeling so cute by the time I finished face-fucking her. I know she didnt have much to say because her mouth was stuffed with my cock from the word go. She did have a nice rack, which felt awesome hugging my nuts as I pumped her throat full of hot jizz. She swallowed it all without a single gag! Hmm, maybe Ill add her to the Creamers Cum-slut Call Back List.

their voluptuous bodies

These two were more than happy to get naked and have their voluptuous bodies probed by me after I saved them from sheer boredom! I had a bottle of wine and some Captain Morgan in the fridge and the party was in my pants! I just love strippers, or any type of slutty girls that are open minded and have an open mouth to stick my cock in. The only thing better than that, is two slutty girls with open mouths! One to suck my dick, one to lick my balls. Could a man be happier?

my white boy cum

Crystal isnt usually into white guys, but she took a liking to me and wanted a taste of my white meat. With her soft skin and soft lips, how could I resist?! She went down on me like a pro, and after I gave her a nice hard fuck, she got back to business and finished sucking me off. Needless to say, she loved my white boy cum and swallowed it all!

a great cocksucker

Claire turned 21 a couple of days ago and came all the way to Vegas to celebrate. Shes a horny little hottie from Florida with a soft, fluffy natural rack, so I was all too happy to welcome her to town! Shes a great cocksucker, but who can resist a girl begging to be tittie fucked? Especially when she wants you to cum in her mouth!

swallowed my spunk

I thought there might be somewhere down the road that I would need Christina to unload some of my sexual frustrations, and today was that day. She enjoys sucking cock too, because of the sweet reward that she gets to swallow. I didnt have the energy to fuck her this time, but her dirty little mouth perked me right up and when she swallowed my spunk, it made my day. Okay Christina, you can take your sweet tits home for now, but I might be calling you back later!

so incredibly beautiful

I gave the Mary Jane look alike my phone number and said Call me later, I want to practice playing Peter Parker and take some pictures of you. You are so incredibly beautiful! She smiled shyly, and I could tell she was flattered. (Works every time!) After the movie, I got the call from Chloe, but my spider sense went crazy when she arrived at my house. This was no ordinary girl I was dealing with, so I would have to be careful! After taking tons of pictures of Chloe, she dropped her guard. I got her on her knees in front of me and eased my cock into her tight mouth.

practice deep throating

Cherry was in town for three days, and I worked her from every angle while she was here. At one point, she was using both hands on my cock and shaking it like a martini. She recently learned how to deep throat, so she used me for a little extra practice. She says her eyes still water when she does it, so she needs to practice a lot more. Hey, Cherry, any time you need to practice deep-throating, Ill personally volunteer, plus I know about 245 million other men that will be more than happy to help!

the taste of cum

This chick was taller than I was! Those legs looked great as I had her ankle sailing on her back, but I just simply could not resist fucking her face down with her round ass up. Cher said she liked the taste of cum, but she seemed so innocent that I just had to cum all over that sweet face when I was finished and show her what men do to little sluts like her.

playing with my scrotum

Charisma was so laid back when we started talking that I figured she would be down with just about anything I did to her. Well, she might seem laid back, but shes a really dirty girl when it comes to sex. At only 18, she seemed pretty experienced and definitely knew her way around my scrotum. Well, Charisma, look what you get for playing with my scrotum, a blast in the face from the firehose!

soft nice natural titties

Charaden has super soft nice natural titties. How great would it be to get into a tit-sandwich between Casey and Charaden? Oh man, lemme think about that for a sec schwiiiing!! Im the second dude shes ever blown, but someone put time into teaching her the ropes. She slobbed my knob and didnt let up until I blasted a happy healthy load of white stuff into her cute little mouth for her to swallow. Now if you will excuse me, I have a couple of phone calls to make to Casey and Charadens boyfriend.

She looks gorgeous

I did it......I finally did it! I actually convinced Chanel to come over so I could dump a nice load across her beautiful black face. Last year I got to fuck her and creampie her wonderful pussy, and now she was back for her annual creaming! She looks gorgeous as ever while she bobs my nob and does some reverse cowgirl. I then fuck her missionary until I pull out and send streams of jizz across her tongue and face.

Celeste is a stripper

Celeste was much hotter naked, but I was digging the boots so I made her keep those on. She had pierced nipples, a pierced clit, and a pierced tongue. Those are always either signs a girl is into pain or into sex. And since Celeste is a stripper, Id say sex. So I let her stroke my pole for a while and then made her dance on my pole until it got so swollen and slippery that, whoops, it dumped its load right down her throat! And the whole damn time she kept those fucking boots on!

She gargles my cum

On the car ride to my crib, Catalina told me she was the star of her own website, CatalinaXXX,com. Shit, I got a pro here, I thought and my cock started to rise in my levis. Little did I know she was a true cum slut trained by the absolute best in the biz. She positively takes the cake for the dirtiest girl ever featured here! She spits and fists, and a whole list of other special talents that she rattles off in the opening scene. Ahh, but best of all, she gargles!

plenty of experience

When Cassandra arrived at my house, there was obvious energy between us. There was a slight language barrier, but at 21, I knew she could quickly learn what I wanted to teach her. Or maybe not because she had never even masturbated before! She had plenty of experience cleaning houses, but this Latina was much too beautiful to be scrubbing my floors unless she was doing it in the nude. So with one well placed finger, and my throbbing cock, I convinced her to clean my pipes instead, and agreed to place her on my permanent weekly payroll.